Dual Layer Gold Glitter Bee

Dual Layer brooch with a choice of attachment.


Our dual-layer brooches are meticulously crafted using layers of acrylic and UV-printed boards, resulting in stunning and intricate designs.


5-6cm x 5-6cm x 0.6cm Approx. (The odd tail or arm may go a little further)


Gold glitter acrylic is tricky stuff to view and photograph. The glittery bits are floating in a clear sheet so its appearance is heavily influenced by the background. If it over black acrylic, as for the bee brooch, it will look dark with glittery bits. If it free as in earrings, then the background is likely to be skin coloured.

gold glitter bee brooch 2

Gold Glitter Acrylic over Black

gold glitter earrings over cardboard packing box

Over a typical packing box

gold glitter earrings over white paper

Over white printer paper

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