Instant Cooling Towel

Judy found these amazing Instant Cooling Towels while running the gift shop in Beechworth. Since we have closed the doors we still have ONLY A FEW left. So easy to use…amazing technology. You just wet them, wring out the excess water, flick in the air and like magic the temperature of the towel drops significantly. It’s all in the special material! Stays cool for ages…then just wet & flick again.

Cool Towel – 28cm wide x 1metre long


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Instant Cooling Towel

It's a small scarf size... to wrap around your neck on the HOT days (or when you get a HOT FLUSH)

This instant cold towel reacts with water with its special material.

To activate your towel simple wet the towel, wring it out, wave it in the air for 20 seconds 

and the temperate of the towel drops significantly. Then wrap it around your neck for

a long-lasting cooling experience. To re-activate just wet & wave again. Use over and over.

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