Glasses Brooch

Never lose your glasses again!

A brooch can be more than just a beautiful piece of jewellery… it can help keep track of your specs when you aren’t wearing them.


  • A brooch with a purpose: Hang your glasses to keep them close
  • Fit reading & sunglasses arms
  • 2 backing options: Locking or Magnetic Backing
Size: Most glasses brooches are about  5-6cm x 5-6cm but some bits may extend a little bit more. eg Blue Wren feathers sit higher at approx 7.5 x 5cm. Hole Size: 2 x 1.7cm.

What is a Glasses Brooch?

This is a brooch designed with a purpose: it features a convenient hole for hanging your glasses. Simply slide one arm of your glasses through the hole, and they'll securely hang in place.

AND... even with no glasses hanging from them (because at that moment you are wearing your glasses) the brooch is still a beautiful piece of jewellery that gives your outfit a bit of extra personality & fun.


Most glasses brooches are about  5-6cm by 5-6cm but some bits may extend a little bit more

Blue Wren Shape size:7.5 x 5cm,  Hole Size: 2 x 1.7cm.

All of our Glasses Brooches fit reading & sunglasses.

How to Wear

Simply put...wear these just like any brooch. On the left or right of you of your lapel/collar area.

We have 2 backing options;

  • Locking Back; this is the traditional brooch back with a pin.
  • Magnetic Backing; these are 2 magnets that you separate & put behind your top to hold the brooch in place. The magnets are SO STRONG they easily hold through a denim jacket, 2 layers of jumpers or scarves. They are so strong that you have to SLIDE the magnets apart.

Which is better? People ask us all the time. Both work really well, it's purely a preference. Want to avoid putting holes in your top then choose the magnet. Want to make sure you absolutely can't bump it off choose the locking. Which are more popular - Magnets...but it's approx. 60/40 slit, so it's close.

Australian Made

Yes, it's true. We are a small family business in Beechworth Victoria. Judy (mum) is the artist. She paints abstract colour artworks that feature on almost every piece we make. Jacqui (my big, but shorter sister) is mum's right hand maker. Together they run the show. Ric (Dad) and I (Sam) support them with the technical end. We build the website to showcase their creations & make the laser cutting design files ... plus Dad is in charge of coffee making at 10am.

Being an Australian Business is something these days isn't it! We are proud to be. We aren't striving to be world dominators, we just love creating art pieces - and via your support we can keep creating. It's a win win.

Where our Glasses Brooch idea came from

Being a creative lady, Judy stumbled across this style of Brooch while making our Scarf Pins. She wears glasses, and they would on/off all day long. She'd lose them. She'd call out 'anyone seen my glasses'...we'd all search for them.... She'd find them somewhere random & the day would go on. But then we had a Scarf Pin design that had a hole & she hung her glasses on that - and it was a 'WOW' moment. In a flash of creative lightning we all stopped and thought - that's bloody brilliant. And so began our range. Losing glasses is an annoyance in life...and we love that our Glasses Brooch help everyone keep their specs close by.

How it's Made

I'm always amazed at how many steps it takes to make anything...and our Glasses Brooches are the same. From step 1 to 10 it's all done in Beechworth, and if you're interested in how its done here are the cutdown steps... which from start to finish take about a 4 days.

  • Judy paints a beautiful colourful abstracts artwork
  • We scan her artwork & UV Print in onto high grade MDF that's approx A4 size
  • A clear coat of mid-shine is painted on as a beautiful finish to the board - and left to dry for a day
  • We laser cut approx. 12 items off that A4 board - leaving each and very shape with its own unique brush strokes
  • We (the royal 'we'... really means Jacqui) then affix a pin or magnetic backing to the piece
  • Our super duper strong glue is great, but takes a day or 2 to fully dry & cure.
  • Each item is then packaged & ready to jump in the post & fly to your doorstep.

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