Sewing Machine Glasses Stand
Sewing Machine Glasses Stand

Glasses Stand
Sewing Machine
4 Colours


The perfect spot to store your specs when you aren’t wearing them. Fits reading & sunglasses. Our stands come in 2 pieces. To assemble you simple slide the back stand into the slot. All glasses stands are made from approx. this size are 14cm high x 9cm wide x 9cm deep.

What is a Glasses Stand?

A glasses stand, also known as an eyeglass stand or eyeglass holder, is a small accessory designed to hold and display eyeglasses or sunglasses when they're not being worn. Their primary purpose is to keep eyeglasses safe, organised, and easily accessible.

Why use a Glasses Stand?

People often use glasses stands at home, on their desks, bedside tables, or in retail settings to showcase eyewear. A few key benefits to these are:

  1. Protection: Placing glasses on a stand helps prevent scratches, smudges, or damage that can occur when they are left lying around or in a cluttered space.
  2. Organisation: Stands keep eyeglasses organised and readily available, making it easy to find the pair you want to wear.
  3. Decorative: Our glasses stands are designed to be decorative pieces themselves, adding a touch of style and personality to a room or space.

2 Sizes - Single & Double

If you're like us and have more than one pair of glasses then we have options.

Single: Fits one pair of Glasses: 9.5cm wide x 14cm high x 7cm deep

Double: Fits 2 pairs of Glasses: 9.5cm wide x 14cm high x 9.5cm deep


If you don’t love it, then return it for a FULL REFUND – No questions asked!

We know shopping online feels ‘risky’. Will it be like the photo? Will the quality be nice? All very valid questions you are asking yourself right now. We do our very very best to photograph items & give all the details, but until you get it in your hand we know you are just ‘hoping’ it’s everything you hope & dream it will be.

We want you to LOVE your item, so let us bare the risk & if you don’t love it simply return it for a FULL REFUND.

Australian Made

Yes, it’s true. We are a small family business in Beechworth Victoria. Judy (mum) is the artist. She paints abstract colour artworks that feature on almost every piece we make. Jacqui (my big, but shorter sister) is mum’s right hand maker. Together they run the show. Ric (Dad) and I (Sam) support them with the technical end. We build the website to showcase their creations & make the laser cutting design files … plus Dad is in charge of coffee making at 10am.


Watch how to assemble & use the 2 sizes of Glasses Stands

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