Shopping Bag

Head to the supermarket with one of these golf inspired shopping bags. Our bags will hold up to 20kg, which is more than my arms will carry so you can rest assured you will keep your items safe & secure in these tough bags.

50x50cm. Made from high-quality polyester and features the image on front and back.

Roll or fold your bag when not in use. There is a clip to fasten together when rolling it up, and a zippered bag is another way to store your bag for your next shopping trip.


In stock

Stronger than me

My arms give way before the bag does 🙂

Made from high-quality polyester it will carry up to 20kg

Roll or fold away

You can use the included zippered bag to store your bag away,

and you can also roll it up & use the clips to keep it ready for your next shopping trip

Big Size

50cm x 50cm these bags will carry lots of items with ease.

Until March 2020... we owned & ran 'Beechworth Designer Gifts'in our beautiful home town of Beechworth. Our gift shop was open for over 30 years, and it was a very tough decision to close the doors (but we excitedly jumped into making Scarf Pins & Rings full time which is so much fun!!)

We have some amazing products leftover after closing our gift shop (damn covid-19). We haven't made these items, they were sourced from our various suppliers, but we think all go well with Scarf Pins and Rings ;) Happy browsing.

And thank you to everyone who visited our shop in Beechworth over the last 30 years.  We had such a wonderful time.

Enjoy the last few bargains & freshen your winter wardrobe. We really appreciate your support.

Enjoy more....

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